Cornfield maze becomes tourist attraction in the USA; watch video | Look how nice it is


a maze formed in a cornfield became a tourist attraction in the small village of Malta, in the countryside of Illinois, United States. See the VIDEO above.

The managers of the Jonamac Orchard farm cut the plantation to make a maze annually for 21 years. This time, they made a map to help visitors have fun while trying to find the way out of the cornfield.

Cornfield maze in Illinois, USA – Photo: Reproduction / NBC

The attraction has become a way to have fun in this new coronavirus pandemic: it is an open space where the visitor and his family are able to distance themselves from the other participants in the game.

In an interview with broadcaster NBC, visitor Katie Newberg recounted the experience: “We are trying to find as many activities as possible to feel that we are in a normal autumn”.

In addition to the cornfield, the farm offers other tours, such as a walk in the pumpkin patch or an apple harvest. There is also a small zoo for farm animals.

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