Coronavirus infection can cause irreversible hearing loss, say British doctors


British experts report first case of a patient hospitalized with Covid-19 in which there was complete hearing loss edit

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Satellite Brasil British scientists described the medical history of a 45-year-old patient, who was hospitalized with symptoms of Covid-19, and ten days later was transferred to the ICU to be connected to a lung ventilator for breathing difficulties.

After a month, the patient had other complications, and was treated with Remdesivir and steroids and received a blood transfusion.

After being discharged from the ICU, the patient began to hear a ringing in his left ear and in a few days he became deaf. Examination of his ear canals found no blockage or inflammation.

Hearing test revealed hearing loss in the left ear. The patient was treated with steroid tablets and injections, achieving partial recovery of hearing, according to Medical Press.

Doctors ruled out other possible causes of this condition, including rheumatoid arthritis, flu and HIV, and concluded that hearing loss is linked to Covid-19.

According to experts, this is the first time they have experienced complete hearing loss in a patient with Covid-19 in the UK. There are only four references to this complication in scientific studies.

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