Coronavirus survives on skin five times longer than flu, says study


Coronavirus remains active on human skin for nine hours, five times longer than the flu virus, according to a group of Japanese researchers, a finding that demonstrates the need to wash your hands frequently to combat the Covidien pandemic. 19. In comparison, the pathogen that causes flu survives on human skin for approximately 1.8 hours, according to the study published this month in the journal Clinical Infectious Diseases.

“The nine-hour survival of SARS-CoV-2 [o vírus que causa a covid-19] in human skin may increase the risk of transmission by contact compared to IAV [vírus da gripe A], thus accelerating the pandemic “, reports the study. The research team examined the skin obtained at necropsies, approximately one day after death.

Both the coronavirus and the flu virus become inactive in 15 seconds with the application of ethanol, used in hand sanitizers. “The longer survival of SARS-CoV-2 on the skin increases the risk of contact transmission. However, hand hygiene can reduce that risk,” the study noted.

The study supports the recommendations of the World Health Organization (WHO) to regularly wash hands to limit the transmission of the virus. Almost 40 million people have been infected worldwide since the new coronavirus appeared in China at the end of last year.


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