Corporal PM is suspected of shooting and killing sergeant after being seen with the victim’s wife in Betim | Minas Gerais


The retired sergeant of the Military Police (PM), Leonicio Alves de Souza, 52, died on Monday night (26) after following the woman, 44, and seeing her with another police officer, a corporal from the PM, 32. The sergeant would have threatened to kill both and, claiming self-defense, the cable fired. The crime took place in the Alto das Flores neighborhood, in Betim, in Greater BH. The two worked in the same battalion.

The corporal said that around 9 pm he received a call from the sergeant’s wife asking for a ride to get a freezer in another neighborhood and take it home.

Leonicio suspected that the woman was cheating on him and this Monday decide to follow her. When he saw that she had the PM cable, she accelerated the vehicle and got in front of their car.

According to the police report, the sergeant got out of the armed car, pulled the woman out of the other vehicle and began to offend her with various curses. The corporal recognized Leonicio’s voice and got out of the car, also armed, claiming self-defense and fired.

The sergeant died on the spot. The corporal himself called for help that verified the death. Their weapons were seized.

The incident was concluded at the Civil Police Station of Betim, which will investigate the case.

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