Costa considers mandatory mask use more restrictive than use of the StayAway Covid app


The Prime Minister admitted this Saturday that “there was misunderstanding and certainly bad explanation” about the mandatory use of the application StayAway Covid, in relation to which there is a “great ignorance”, and considered to be “more restrictive of freedoms” the mandatory mask.

As socialist secretary-general, António Costa participated in a digital meeting promoted by the PS and was asked about the criticisms of the Government’s law proposal that makes it mandatory to wear a mask on the street and use the mobile phone application StayAway Covid in a work or similar context, school and academic, under penalty of a fine of up to 500 euros.

“Personally, I must tell you that I consider that it is even more restrictive of the freedoms the mandatory use of the mask, which seems to have had a total consensus, than properly having an application that I have been using since the 1st of September and that never I felt minimally uncomfortable or limited, while wearing the mask, to be honest, not only do I feel uncomfortable, but I feel limited “, answered the journalist Maria Elisa, who conducted the session.

In António Costa’s perspective, “there is great ignorance about the application” and this explains “a large part of the reaction”. “I think there was misunderstanding and certainly bad explanation,” he said, making it clear that from the point of view of protecting rights, freedoms and guarantees “there is no traceability of movements and anonymity is totally preserved”.

For the socialist leader, “there is a huge gain” that was obtained from the fact that “people were once again alert to the need to control their behavior and through their behavior to control the expansion of the pandemic.

The prime minister justified this draft law with the need to “give a clear indication” that one could not “continue to let go and that people had to change their behavior”. “One of the reasons I had doubts about the opportunity for a state of emergency [quando foi acionado] it is because I had the perception that perhaps the state of emergency would be more useful later, because at that time people were voluntarily staying at home “, he admitted.


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