Council approves continuation of arena project in meeting with WTorre


The Deliberative Council of Santos approved tonight (8) the continuation of studies for the construction of a new arena. The meeting was attended by Walter Torre, president of the construction company WTorre, Luiz Volpato, architect responsible for the project, as well as Paulo Alexandre Barbosa, mayor of Santos, all of whom were virtual.

The vote was to approve or not the “architectural design and financial viability for the construction of the new stadium”. There were 158 votes for approval (98%), four votes for failure and one abstention.

After approval by the Board, the schedule provides for three to six months for project review, legal and financial structuring. Then comes a new presentation and approval at the meeting.

The investment will be in the range of R $ 250 million, 100% funded by WTorre, which will have the right to surface in a concession between 30 and 35 years. The box office management and revenue as well as the King Member will be 100% of the club.

The new arena will have a capacity of 25 thousand people, reaching 30 thousand with the removal of chairs in one of the sectors, as revealed by architect Luiz Volpato to the Sports.


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