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A young couple got lucky during their visit to the trendy Balthazar restaurant in New York, USA. A mistake by the manager caused them – who asked for the cheapest house wine – to be served with a bottle of US $ 2 thousand (about R $ 11 thousand).

According to the establishment’s owner, Keith McNally, at the same time the couple ordered a $ 18 bottle of Bordeaux, four Wall Street executives chose a rare Chateau Mouton Rothschild from the 1989 vintage.

Both orders were de-bottled and placed in decanters, so that the wine could “breathe”. That was when the confusion occurred. Without the label, the house manager ended up taking the most expensive for the young couple and the cheap wine for the businessmen.

Bottle of a Chateau Mouton Rothschild, 1989 vintage – Photo: Reproduction / Instagram / Keith McNally

“My employees said that one of the entrepreneurs, the one who chose the drink, said he was a great wine connoisseur. He bragged while saying that the wine he had tasted, the cheap one, was extremely pure,” said McNally in a chain. Social.

The owner of Balthazar did not describe exactly when the case happened, but narrated what happened on his Instagram profile on Thursday (22). He said he was already at home when his employees urgently called him to the restaurant.

“The executives were clearly very happy and without realizing what had happened. This put me in the middle of a dilemma: should I tell you about the confusion or let them go on in their blessed ignorance?” Wrote the restaurant owner.

McNally said he chose to do the right thing and warn both the couple and the businessmen about the confusion. According to him, the Wall Street “connoisseur” said he thought he was not a Mouton Rothschild, but said nothing.

They were given a new bottle of the most expensive drink. The young couple, who were amazed by the confusion, did well: the restaurant did not change the drink and charged only $ 18 for the order.

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