COVID-19: 2-month-old baby is among 24 new cases in Varginha – Gerais


2-month-old baby appears in cases reported in Varginha (photo: Cultural Foundation of Varginha / disclosure)

The City of Varginha, in the south of Minas Gerais, reported another 24 new cases of COVID-19 this Wednesday (14). Among the records is a baby just two months. The municipality continues with 1,193 people infected for the new coronavrus e 40 bits confirmed.

According to the city hall, the results for this Wednesday (15) are for 10 men, 13 women and one baby 2 months. “The child’s mother presented symptoms and did the test. Then the baby had runny nose and the result was also positive. Me and daughter are doing well and are in isolation at home ”, explains Dr. Luiz Carlos Coelho, health secretary.

According to the municipal bulletin, the age group between 16 and 39 years old stands out in the data. “The vast majority of these young people are asymptomatic. They are part of a group that does not feel vulnerable to disease. And, therefore, they believe that they will cross the COVID-19 unscathed. We realize that these young people and teenagers have behaved in a way that the vaccine had already been released. Remembering that the city has a channel for denncia by whatsapp for any type of disregard for prevention rules”, Highlights or secrecy.

Also according to the municipal bulletin, the number of people monitored with flu syndrome rose to 303. And another 108 are awaiting the results of the examination. “But the number of cases of hospitalizations and deaths in the city dropped absurdly. With that, we realized that the risk group, in the case of the elderly, started to have greater care ”, he adds.

Last week, the Secretariat of Health conducted a active search of people who had flu syndrome and did not attend the units. The large number of tests impacted in the data. But, according to the secretary, most of the recorded cases were of people who were no longer with the disease in action.

“Remembering here that, at the slightest symptom of flu syndrome, suspicion of COVID-19, you should look for the UPA, which operates 24 hours a day, or one of the flu units in the quadrant closest to your residence “, emphasizes the secretary.


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