Covid-19 admissions grow for the second consecutive day in Porto Alegre


For the second consecutive day, hospitalizations due to the new coronavirus showed growth on Thursday in the Intensive Care Units (ICUs), with 241 confirmed cases and another 31 suspects. On Wednesday, inpatients who tested positive for the disease totaled 239, in addition to 25 suspects.

The total number of hospitalizations in ICUs, which involve other diseases, also registered an increase with the occupation of 667 beds out of the 778 available. Until the beginning of the night, the general occupancy rate of the capital’s hospitals registered 86.62% of capacity. Cardiology and Moinhos de Vento operated at full capacity.

Other institutions also worked with a high occupancy rate, such as Cristo Redentor (96.55%), Vila Nova (95%), Nossa Senhora da Conceição (93.33%), Restinga (90%) and São Lucas (88.14 %).

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