Covid-19. And in Sweden? Authorities tighten control measures


Sweden does not reveal the pandemic figures in the country on a daily basis, as it does in several other countries. The most recent data, according to Johns Hopkins University, indicate which has had 101,332 cases and 5,907 fatalities since the beginning of the pandemic.

The fight has been carried out in line with the idea that the population is responsible, knows and manages to maintain the necessary measures so that the virus does not spread.

This position resulted, in the beginning, in a high number of fatalities, mostly in nursing homes. The situation was later controlled by the six-month ban on home visits.

As across Europe, Sweden is also beginning to see the need to apply tougher measures.

The number of new cases is increasing with a focus on young people and universities. The Swedish Public Health Agency recently announced that in at least eight regions outbreaks have been detected in connection with private student parties at universities.

Young people have already been told that they have to end parties and other events. On Swedish radio, the minister of Higher Education left an alert to the 400,000 or so students: “They have to focus more on their education and not on the parties”.

Also this week, the Swedish Public Health Agency empowered local officials in the various regions the power to apply more severe measures to control outbreaks.

In the first phase, only general advice to avoid public transport, travel, visits to people in groups at risk, visits to restaurants, gyms or closed places with people outside the household.

The term used is this, councils, and are considered “minimum level”.

However, the physician responsible for local outbreak control may decide to apply “additional measures within all or part of an area”.


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