Covid-19: antilockdown protesters protest in London


Protesters against lockdown measures gathered in central London on Saturday (17), hours after the British capital moved to the second highest level of alert against covid-19.

As a second wave of infections picks up, Prime Minister Boris Johnson’s government has tightened restrictions in parts of England where cases are on the rise – in the hope of protecting the economy and allowing less-affected regions to remain open.

From midnight on Friday (16), London moved to “level 2” or “high risk”. This prohibits people from meeting someone outside their home or “support bubbles” – including friends or relatives who help care for children – in any indoor setting.

The rules also prohibit more than six people from being outdoors, although the police chose not to enforce them while thousands of anti -ockdown activists marched down Oxford Street, one of the world’s busiest shopping streets in normal times.

Protesters consider restrictions against covid-19 unnecessary and a violation of human rights. Some are opposed to the use of masks and vaccination.

Many carried signs saying: “My body, my choice, not mandatory masks”.

“There are many things that can kill you, you know, it can happen any day,” said protester Aragorn Kyley, 17. “It’s about living, not just surviving. We want to be able to enjoy our lives, not just being stuck at home.”

On Saturday, 57% of the UK population lived under stricter restrictions against covid-19.


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