Covid-19: Brazil has 713 deaths and 28,523 new cases in 24 hours


Since the beginning of the covid-19 pandemic, Brazil has accumulated 5,169,389 confirmed cases of the disease. Of this total, 89% of patients recovered from the disease, 2.9% died and 8.1% recovered.

The data were released by the Ministry of Health on Thursday (15).

Brazil recorded 713 deaths in 24 hours, bringing the total number of deaths to 152,460. Another 2,360 deaths are under investigation.

The number of positive covid-19 diagnoses increased by 28,523 in 24 hours.

The number of recovered patients reaches 4,599,446.

Currently, 417,480 Brazilians are undergoing treatment.

SP keeps indicators below projections for first half of October

An assessment of the covid-19 cases released this afternoon by the State Department of Health showed that the state of São Paulo remained below the projections made by the Coronavirus Contingency Center for the first half of October.

The Center projected that, to this day, the state would have between 1.10 million and 1.15 million confirmed cases of covid-19 and between 38 thousand and 39 thousand deaths. According to the balance released this afternoon, the state of São Paulo has 1,051,613 confirmed cases of the new coronavirus, with 37,690 deaths. The daily numbers of deaths and new cases are still high in the state, but have been decelerating.

The number of patients hospitalized in suspected or confirmed coronavirus cases currently totals 7,672 people in the state, also showing a downward trend. Of that total of hospitalized patients, 3,343 are hospitalized in serious condition. The bed occupancy rate in intensive care units (ICU) is 41.9% in the state and 41.3% in Greater São Paulo.

Of the total cases diagnosed in the state, 934,547 people have recovered from the disease, 115,107 of them after hospitalization.

Of the 645 municipalities in São Paulo, all of them register at least one confirmed case of the disease and, in 582 of them, at least one death was reported.

Epidemiological bulletin covid-19

Epidemiological bulletin covid-19 – Ministry of Health

* With information from Elaine Patricia Cruz – Reporter at Agency Brazil


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