Covid-19: cases and deaths recede in most Brazilian states


The first half of October presented another retraction in the numbers of cases and deaths of the new coronavirus in Brazil. In all, 16 states had a drop in the number of new contaminants and the situation was even better in relation to deaths: 19 locations saw their numbers drop. The positive scenario only appears in three states. Piauí had an increase of 53.7% in deaths, while Sergipe and Rio Grande do Norte appear with high in both items – the last with the worst rates: growth of 137.1% in cases and 334.9 in deaths.

Comparisons were made by VEJA based on the moving average, an indicator that takes into account the average number of cases recorded for each seven-day block. The survey considers that there was an increase or decrease only when the percentage of variation is greater than 15%, according to the criterion adopted by the World Health Organization (WHO) – below that, the scenario is classified as stable, regardless of the change in numbers.

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The situation in the Midwest and South regions draws attention because they are finally able to control the disease and show a decline. Of the seven states, only Santa Catarina failed to reach a level below 15% in the moving average of cases in the last fortnight (it had an increase of 10.3%). Regarding deaths, the Federal District (growth of 10.2%) is also stable.

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Brazil begins to reach a situation of control of cases. In the last three weeks, the transmission rate of the coronavirus has fallen below 1 – the level considered to be control, according to the measurement by Imperial College, London. The index indicates to how many people each infected transmits the virus and is 0.93 in the period, which means that every 100 sick people transmit to 93 others and no more to a number greater than a hundred, as in the peak season. disease.

Check the situation of Covid-19 in each state:


On the rise (2 states): RN and SE
Stable (9 states): AP, BA, CE, ES, PB, PI, RR, SC and SP
Remaining (16 states): AC, AL, AM, DF, GO, MA, MG, MS, MT, PA, PE, PR, RJ, RO, RS and TO


On the rise (3 states): PI, RN and SE
Stable (5 states): AL, DF, MA, PB and RJ
Remaining (19 states): AC, AM, AP, BA, CE, ES, GO, MG, MS, MT, PA, PE, PR, RO, RR, RS, SC, SP and TO

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