Covid-19 cases in schools: polemics, parents’ doubts and what DGS says


As cases in the community increase, more situations inevitably arise in schools. Among students, teachers and staff. It is impossible to know for sure how many active and recovered cases exist. Fenprof has been collecting data from reported and confirmed cases, guarantees the union structure. Until Thursday, 272 establishments, public and private, from a total of more than eight thousand, were part of this list. Fenprof argues that the Ministry of Education should provide the updated list.

If a teacher, employee or student tests positive for covid-19, health teams assess what are called high-risk contacts. According to the DGS guidelines for schools, they must be in “prophylactic isolation at home or in another place defined by the health authority”, take the test and be under active surveillance for 14 days from the date of the last exposure. The reference does not define a deadline for taking the test and the practice followed in many cases is to prescribe only at the end of the isolation period, “preferably after the 10th day”, if symptoms do not appear or an indication by the health authority to the contrary . It is possible to develop symptoms and have a positive test only after the 7th day of contact with the virus. It is also what the DGS recommends in the Contact Screening Standard, which indicates testing preferably from the 7th / 8th day of contact. However, there are situations in which it may be indicated to do the test right after the identification of high-risk contacts in the positive case. That is, there is no single rule.


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