Covid-19 Causes Neuron Death Even in Mild Cases, Study Says – Health


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A study carried out by more than 70 Brazilian researchers evaluated the action of Covid-19
in the brain of patients. According to the publication, released in pre-print on the medRvix platform, the disease can cause death of neurons in critically ill, moderate or mild patients.

In addition, the study highlights that the virus causes atrophies in brain areas related to anxiety, one of the most frequent symptoms among volunteers. There is still a suspicion that the virus may activate genetic diseases
such as Parkinson’s and Alzheimer’s.

Unicamp’s researcher, Clarissa Lin Yasuda, told the G1 portal that the group’s priority now is to identify the possible duration of these injuries – which may be temporary or not. “We found many patients who, even though they had already healed from Covid-19
about two months ago, they continued to show neurological symptoms “, he said.


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