Covid-19 causes sudden hearing loss in UK patient


posted on 10/14/2020 16:58 / updated on 10/14/2020 16:58

(Credit: ANNE CHAON / AFP)

For the first time, a patient with covid-19 had sudden hearing loss in the UK. The case was published this Tuesday (10/13) in the scientific journal BMJ Case Reports. Picture can be reversible if discovered soon.

The relationship between the new coronavirus and hearing loss is not yet proven, but in addition to the UK, similar cases have been reported in the United States, Thailand and China.

According to the authors, the condition can occur between five and 160 cases per 100,000 people after viral infections, such as flu and herpes.

According to the researchers, the case is a 45-year-old man with asthma. The patient needed help with mechanical ventilation for one month. After removing the breathing tube, he felt a ringing in his left ear and had hearing loss.

He was treated and managed to partially recover his hearing.

The researchers warn that doctors pay attention to possible hearing loss of patients admitted to intensive care with covid-19, so that possible cases can be reversed.


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