Covid-19: Greens call for clarification of rules for returning to school after illness


In a question sent to the Ministry of Education, through the Assembly of the Republic, the ecological party questions the Government “about a 9th grade student at the EB23 Luís de Camões School, in Lisbon, being prevented from returning to classes after having had covid-19, although the negative test result has already been reported “.

Thus, the ENP wants to know if the Ministry of Education was aware of this situation and what measures it took “to immediately solve this problem that is causing damage to the student’s learning process”.

“What measures are planned for the student to properly recover the contents, which have been taught in the meantime”, he asks.

The Greens also want the Government to confirm whether, in these situations, students can return to school after contracting covid-19, being properly recovered as long as they present a negative test for the disease.

“Has the Government been aware of the existence of similar situations in other schools in the country? If so, what measures has the Government taken to clarify and resolve these situations”, he asks.

The student has not been to classes for more than three weeks, having lost contact with teachers, colleagues and with the subjects being taught.

“I asked him to send me jobs so he could follow him, but nothing. Today, he had a Physical Chemistry test and he didn’t do it,” Judith Soares, mother of the 14-year-old boy, told Lusa on Tuesday.

On Monday, Lusa questioned the Director-General of Health, Graça Freitas, about this case, which reaffirmed what the other health authorities had already said: “A child or adult who is in the quarantine period, is asymptomatic and has negative test can easily return to your school “.


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