Covid-19: ICU occupancy rate in Rio de Janeiro plummets to 47%


THE Rio de Janeiro reached the lowest levels in bed occupancy in the Intensive Care Unit (ICU) since the peak of the new pandemic coronavirus in the state at the end of May. The rate, which was 85% in the most critical period, has been declining steadily and has been under half the occupation since the end of September. This Monday, 26, the number reached 47%. Brazil had 15,726 cases and 263 deaths in the last 24 hours. The moving average of new records and deaths was from 22.732,4 e 460,1, respectively.

The limit considered maximum for making it possible to make the measures to contain the disease more flexible is a percentage of 70%. The state of Rio de Janeiro has not had these levels since the end of June.

The situation in the hospital beds improved even more compared to the peak. The occupancy rate was 79% during practically the entire month of May. The number has dropped dramatically and reached 10% now in October. The last survey registered 19% of the beds used.

Despite the milder scenario, there are still cases of waiting for beds in some cases. In a note, the State Department of Health (SES) of Rio de Janeiro commented on the current situation in hospitals in Rio. “SES points out that there is no shortage of beds for Covid in the state. The waiting list for beds occurs because, for patients with comorbidities, the Central Regulation Center seeks vacancies that address all their clinical needs, guaranteeing specialized assistance in each case ”.

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