Covid-19. India with more than 400 million doses of vaccines available in July


“The Government plans to receive and use between 400 and 500 million doses of vaccines against covid-19,” said Indian Health Minister Harsh Vardhan at an event online where he spoke to citizens about the latest developments related to the pandemic.

According to the minister, the Government’s goal is to reach 200 to 250 million people in July 2021, when they will receive the vaccines, an insufficient number for a country with 1.3 billion inhabitants.

Therefore, Vardhan said that The vaccines will be distributed in a “centralized, rigorous and coordinated manner” to prevent some doses from being resold on the black market, with the aim of reaching strategic sectors such as health workers or vulnerable people, such as the elderly.

India has registered 75 829 cases of infections in the last 24 hours, authorities said on Sunday, a day after the country had exceeded the 100,000 deaths caused by covid-19.

Since the start of the pandemic, India has accounted for 101,782 deaths and more than 6.5 million cases, with the total number of infections jumping from one million in mid-July to more than six million in less than two and a half months.

India continues to record the highest number of daily cases worldwide, but with a recovery rate above 83%.


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