Covid-19. Mandatory curfew threatens to asphyxiate companies, warns CIP


It is “an unprecedented alert” by CIP – Confederação Empresarial de Portugal: “The set of measures that the Government will adopt to respond to the virus must take into account the economic and financial impact of these decisions on the lives of companies and the maintenance of jobs It is our belief that the defense of public health must always coexist with the protection of economic activity “, says the CIP in a statement that makes it clear that the” lockdown and curfew threaten to asphyxiate companies “.

“In the second phase of the pandemic, it is imperative that the Government does not asphyxiate companies with the excessive imposition of measures that severely limit the country’s economic activity, as happened during the first wave,” says CIP President António Saraiva. that tomorrow, Saturday, the Council of Ministers knows how to calibrate the rules in order to protect public health without, however, devaluing the protection of the employment of the Portuguese, under the risk of irreversible damage being caused to Portugal ”, he adds.

To support this position, CIP recalls that “the country’s paralysis during the first phase of the pandemic followed an excessive pattern that was common in almost all of Europe. The consequences are visible to all and also had a significant negative impact on the accounts of the State”. Thus, the confederation only asks the government for “surgical measures and never, under any circumstances, general and generic limitations and constraints of unpredictable duration that affect, at a single stroke and immediately, the confidence of people and companies in the economy”.

“The micro businesses, SMEs and large companies in our country are aware of how imperative it is to respect all safety standards decided by the Directorate-General for Health and are committed daily to the execution of these public health obligations. Know and wish the Government evaluate this capacity to avoid the strangulation of the Portuguese economy “, says the CIP statement released this Friday.

In the analysis of the current situation, CIP considers that “this second shock will be longer, more violent and more profound” than in the first phase of the pandemic, in which the increase in unemployment and bankruptcies reached thousands of companies and workers. “The effects will be even more serious and threaten the productive heart of the country like never before and, therefore, the social cohesion of our democracy”, he maintains.


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