Covid-19: Marcelo does not rule out rising deficit to strengthen SNS – Economy


“If the conclusion is reached that it is necessary to reinforce the health budget, I am not seeing any party saying no, no matter how much it costs to sacrifice one area or another or, in this year that is very special, in terms of rising deficit, ”said Marcelo Rebelo de Sousa.

At the end of a visit to the municipality of Vila do Bispo, Marcelo resorted to the words of former President Jorge Sampaio to reaffirm “that life does not begin or end in deficit”.

“The deficit is very important, but if it is proved that, effectively, it is necessary a few more zero points any percent due to the urgency of reinforcing the health budget and the parties understand that it must be so, because it must be so”, he underlined.

Marcelo defended that, at a time when the budget for 2021 “is on the table” and that the pandemic “will still be left for next year”, it is necessary to answer the concrete question whether “there are enough professionals, yes or no”.

The President of the Republic considered it important to know whether “under the terms” in which competitions are opened “allow career progression”, that “new staff are entering the job” or if “more staff is needed”.

“This is a debate and a discussion that has to be done calmly,” he said.

Asked by journalists at the end of what was his last visit to all municipalities in the Algarve after the impact of covid-19 on tourism in the region, Marcelo Rebelo de Sousa also stressed that “it is not enough to have fans, teams need to ensure care intensive with these fans ”.

Leaving a word of support and recognition to health professionals who are, “many of them, tired and exhausted”, the President of the Republic stressed that they have been “in this for many months and know that they will continue in this for many months too”.

Marcelo Rebelo de Sousa will start a consultation next week with several personalities in the health area, starting with the minister of guardianship, Marta Temido, but also receiving the current and former presidents of the Ordem dos Médicos, other presidents of the health-related areas , former ministers of health, unions and union and employer confederations, in what will be “two or three very important weeks”, he said.

The President of the Republic revealed that, at the end of these consultations, he would like to find a “consensus of views”, either “regarding the evolution of the pandemic and the measures to face it”, but also that “there is a balance between concern with the life and health and the radical non-stop of the Portuguese economy and society.


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