COVID-19: Mayor of Nova Serrana Tests Positive and Toughens Rules – General


Nova Serrana already has 933 confirmed cases of the disease and 28 people died as a result of COVID-19 (photo: Beto Novaes / EM / DA Press -22/9/17)

Another mayor revealed this week to be affected by COVID-19. This time, he was the chief executive of Nova Serrana, a city located in the Midwest of Minas Gerais, Euzbio Lake (MDB). He used his social networks to confirm that the result of test who did gave positive for coronavrus.

In the video posted, Euzbio says he has been in isolation since he suspected he had the disease.

“Through this video, I want to bring clarification to the population of Nova Serrana that was suspected of having a coronavirus, already in isolation and taking some medications. The result was positive. This shows that, although I used a mask all the time, taking great care, at some point, when I let my guard down, the virus passed, ”explained the mayor.

The head of the municipal executive took the opportunity to warn the population to avoid crowding and use a mask, policing himself every moment. According to the city, he was seen at the UPA last Monday (28) and underwent examinations in Divinpolis.

According to the municipal epidemiological bulletin of the municipality of Nova Serrana, 933 cases have already been confirmed in the city, of which 759 have recovered, 165 are under home treatment, nine remain hospitalized and 28 patients died as a result of COVID-19 .

After the increase in the number of cases, the City decided to tighten some rules this week. Decree 88/20 determines the closure, with bars, of public spaces where agglomerations are verified.

Commercial establishments that are authorized to operate at special times may only be open until midnight, with the exception of gas stations and pharmacies.

The regulations prohibit people from standing inside the establishments, except in lines and access to toilets, which must respect the two-meter distance between people. Consumption outside tables inside or outside the establishment is prohibited.

Commercial establishments that are authorized to use the public space must close the area used with bars, limiting the entry and permanence of people in the place, observing the protocols of the Minas Consciente Plan.

Failure to comply with the provisions may result in sanctions such as the expiration of the operating license; intermediary and fine from R $ 5,000 to R $ 250,000. Inspection of the measures will be carried out by the Municipal Health Surveillance and the Municipal Civil Guard.


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