Covid-19: SNS is already under pressure


Globally, the National Health Service continues to have spare beds for inpatients, but there are already hospitals with nowhere to accommodate more covid-19 patients. The increase in new infections in the North and in the region of Lisbon to values ​​close to the peak registered during the initial attack of the virus, in April, is congesting several hospitals, and professionals demand the articulated management of hospitalizations.

Marta Temido guarantees that the prognosis is not reserved, because “the capacity is expansive, both for hospitalizations in wards and for intensive care”. Different assessment is made by doctors in the regions where the infection is most significant, since in Greater Lisbon. The justification is clear: last Wednesday 351 of the 539 (65%) beds reserved in wards for covid-19 patients and 74% (66 out of 89) in intensive care were occupied.

The Loures hospital and the Centro Hospitalar e Universitário de Lisboa Central (CHULC), which includes São José and Curry Cabral, are among the most crowded. In these units there are days when the beds occupied due to the virus break records.

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