Covid-19: The highest increase in hospitalizations since April 16, North with 63% of new cases (which were 1856)


This Sunday’s bulletin from the Directorate-General for Health records more than 1,856 cases of covid-19, 19 dead and 1,081 cured in Portugal. These data are for Saturday.

Despite the breakdown of new infections compared to the last four days, when it had always remained above two thousand, the country is approaching the barrier of 100 thousand cases since the beginning of the pandemic: it now has 99,911.

As for deaths, all recorded in people over 60 years of age, there are 13 men and six women. Despite almost 10,000 women infected since the beginning of the pandemic (54,427 compared to 45,484 men), there are more male victims: 1,100 compared to 1,081 women.

The number of hospitalized in hospital wards increased again, in 72 more beds occupied, bringing the total to 1,086. Since April, there was no such increase – on the 16th of that month 102 people entered. It was also on that April 16 that hospitals recorded the highest occupancy caused by covid-19, 1,302 beds.

In the Intensive Care Units there is also a new increase, albeit less in relative terms: seven more hospitalized patients than on a Saturday, in a total of 155, a growth of 4.7%.

Currently, there are still 38,730 active cases in the country (plus 756), to which are added almost 55 thousand contacts under surveillance by health authorities.

More than 60% of cases are in the North, which has not been seen for months

Just as the numbers of new infections and hospitalizations are decreasing in the first months of the pandemic in Portugal, the weight of the North region in these infections also refers to this beginning. The North recorded 1,168 new cases, 63% of the total, which is unparalleled in the summer months. Only in May, and before that, did we see such a large relative weight in this region, which now totals almost 40 thousand detected cases (39,449).

On the contrary, the region of Lisbon and the Tagus Valley again has a drop in new cases – 385 compared to more than 700 yesterday and which were the rule this week. They correspond to 21% of the total and join those of the remaining days for a total of 47,412 since March.

In the other regions, note to the Azores, which again have only one new case (yesterday there were seven) and remain as the region least affected by the pandemic: 318 in total, 10 less than in Madeira (record of eight cases between Saturday it’s Sunday).

In the Center region there were 231 more infections (8,214 in total), in Alentejo there were 35 (1,991) and in the Algarve there are 28 more patients (2,199 in total).


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