COVID-19. Video recordings of Dua Lipa interrupted by the police. Rules were not being respected – Showbiz


The recording of Dua Lipa’s next video clip was interrupted by British authorities after several complaints from residents of London’s Shoreditch neighborhood. According to The Sun, the rules to control the COVID-19 pandemic were not being respected, which alerted the local population.

A witness explained to the newspaper that the artist and her team “were having fun, but whoever lives in that neighborhood was having a nightmare”. “It seemed that people were breaking the rules and there was no social distance,” he said. In its online publication, the publication also revealed photographs of the moment – see here.

To The Sun, the same source says that “there were extras (…) and dancers there from one side to the other”, adding that there would be people drinking.

“The people in this area are complying with the rules and seeing a pop star breaking them was terrible. Someone called the police. It was late afternoon and it was deserted, but it was a slap in the face of the people who live there,” he added. .


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