Covid Stayaway. PS deputy says he will vote against “mandatory application to be inspected by the police” – Observer


The mandatory use of the Stayaway Covid tracking app is causing resistance even on the PS itself. After the socialist parliamentary leader, Ana Catarina Mendes, said that the bench has “constitutionality doubts”On the measure, deputy Sérgio Sousa Pinto said that will vote against the Government’s proposal to force the use of the app “to be supervised by the police”.

“The mandatory application, to be inspected by the police, is to vote against in the Assembly of the Republic. If approved, it is to breach the unconstitutional law. Digital applications and police is a dark marriage. A thousand times worse than Covid ”, wrote the deputy on Facebook.

Contacted by the Observer, Sousa Pinto mentioned only that he had “nothing to add” to what he had already published.

On Thursday, Ana Catarina Mendes had already said that the PS was still without a closed position on the topic and will wait for hearings from experts in health, rights and freedoms and data protection. However, he admitted “doubts about constitutionality”.

Covid-19: PS without closed position on mandatory application and wants to hear from experts

“The parliamentary group will engage in this debate and deliver today [esta quinta-feira] to the first commission a request that, as a matter of urgency, as early as Tuesday, public health specialists, specialists in rights, freedoms and guarantees and data protection should be heard, ”he said. For Ana Catarina Mendes it would be “inappropriate” for Parliament to decide without these hearings.


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