Crash Bandicoot 4: It’s About Time has innovation and tradition in a perfect mix


Crash Bandicoot 4: It’s About Time is a long awaited game for thousands of reasons. The Marsupial that emerged there at the beginning, on Sony platforms, had great success in his career. At that time, games were produced by Naughty Dog, today a developer of large IP’s such as Uncharted e The Last of Us. Well, some time later the Activision acquired the rights to the character and the games that emerged after that did not fit well in the public.

A hiatus from Crash arose, until the company defined its return in a safe way. Crash Bandicoot N. Sane Trilogy it worked like a luxury remaster. THE Vicarious Vision, Toys for Bob e Iron Galaxy commanded the game and brought a fantastic look, holding on to nostalgia. Certainly the focus was to update the player that Crash still has space. Therefore, the necessary spotlight appeared. Crash Bandicoot 4 finally revealed itself to the world, but with ideas that promised to be quite different.

Crash, Crash, Crash

If there’s one thing that’s incredible about the franchise, it’s the villains. Whoever played from the beginning will know the name of many by heart and jump, but always heading with the fantastic Neo Cortex. This mad scientist led the attempt to capture the marsupial from the beginning and in Crash 4, you finally understand why. It turns out that now things are a little different, because Cortex is not “exactly” in the same position as always.

More villains appear trying to mess with space and time so – well, the rest you already know, try to conquer the world and everything. Therefore, Cortex, for the first time, is part of the defense of the universe, that is, he is qualified to play. And he is not the only villain we see, as the infamous Dingo Dile is also in the dance, but with an entirely different reason.

Well, in addition to Crash, Coco, Cortex and Dingo, there is one more character in the game, Tawna. This time, Crash’s girlfriend has incredible skills and one of the best gameplays in the game.

Crash 4 does not hide its desire to bring a breather

A Toys For Bob, developer of the game, did an exquisite job here. In addition to bringing all the traditional mechanics that won everyone’s heart, he managed to add new characters and powers of the masks that made all the difference.

You certainly must have seen in trailers os gameplays of the new controllers, however playing with them is even better. Unlike jumping and turning, Cortex, Dingo and Tawna have their own moves and strokes. Cortex has a plasma gun that manages to turn your enemies into static platforms or trampolines; Dingo Dile has a vacuum cleaner that gives you the opportunity to suck things up and expel them with great force; Tawna has the agility to climb on different platforms and has a hook that makes her defeat enemies and cross very distant places. Each of these characters has specific stages, in which we play with them. However, there are also some scenarios that we started with, but that we created a specific event to later control Crash or Coco.

Crash Bandicoot 4: It’s about Time – As máscaras do Poder

In Crash Bandicoot 4 It’s About Time there are new characters, new scenarios, new enemies and even Crash and Coco gain new skills. Following the story, the villains want to mess with space and time, so special masks need to come together to end the evil party. During the adventure of Crash and Coco you collect and use the power of the masks. They are: You can freeze time for a few seconds; Rotating in such an absurd rotation that the heels become taller and longer and protects against magic; Power to change the tangibility of objects; and last but not least, reverse gravity.

These 4 powers give you an interesting freedom to face stages that are specially designed for them. At certain times you migrate from one mask to the other and then, friend, this is where you will test your brain. Quick thinking, turning the key, being aware of what to do right now. It is worth mentioning that the previous Crash games always had precision as the main point, that is, to jump correctly on the platforms and hit the targets. With these masks and mechanics added, the game gained an important addition – timing.

Crash 4 has the best level design in the franchise

Crash Bandicoot 4 stage guinea pig

I say without fear that this Crash has the best Level Design of the franchise. That’s because each character has special abilities and the scenarios get the best out of them. Highly challenging phases will make you think very fast, act with reflex, but make no mistake, you will die a lot. The difficulty in Crash 4 is more powerful than ever. And that is not just the main story. We know that Crash always gives you a guaranteed replay, however, this time, you will spend LONG hours playing and still have things to do. That’s because Toys For Bob built a universe of different things to fill pieces of history and to make you face the same challenges, but in different ways.

This time we have many variations to play in the same phase. You can play it in the traditional “Against Time” mode, backwards, with some additions like playing underwater or with different filters.

There are also tapes on the stage showing the marsupials that were guinea pigs of Neo Cortex. These tapes take you to places where accuracy and action are more important than anything. Important detail, the tapes are on the scene, but can only be collected if you reach the specific point without dying, which is highly difficult.

Exploration is even greater

Crash Bandicoot 4 analise

As all games of the character asked, Crash 4 would be no different. The Gems so sought after by the character are still there. Each scenario is necessary to fulfill 6 objectives in the normal mode and 6 in the inverted mode. If you earn a certain number of Gems, visuals for the characters are released. The basic objectives are: To get 3 different percentages of fruit, totaling 3 egg yolks; complete the level by dying less than 3 times; Destroy all the boxes in the scenario; And finally, find the hidden Gem.

You can be sure that if you want to complete everything the game offers, you will certainly play for countless hours.


Crash Bandicoot 4: It’s about time is a game of the first order. It has a very beautiful look, fantastic gameplay, a replay that greatly increases longevity and a level design that shines. Anyway, whoever is a regular player in the franchise will feel a chili pepper in the difficulty, but knows that it is the one that is always in the almost, that is, you are invited to try more and more, until you get it with praise. One of the best games of the year in terms of fun and I believe Toys For Bob, from now on, will be in the big spotlight in the industry.


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