Cristiano Ronaldo: “Don’t be afraid of the virus to the point of hiding” – Football


This Friday afternoon Cristiano Ronaldo made a direct on the social network Instagram and explained to his followers that he is well and without symptoms.

The Portuguese international is completing the quarantine period at his home in Turin, and confirmed that he is on a different floor from his children and Georgina.

“I am on one floor and my children are on another. It is difficult to be in the same place and not be able to be with them. But these are the rules. They are fine and I am fine. We have made a normal life, as far as possible”, said.

Ronaldo, who confesses that he felt the need to please all the support he has received from his followers, revealed that he has no symptoms and that he feels “good and strong”. “I feel good and I have no symptoms. But if I didn’t have such a good immune system I would have suffered more damage,” he said.

On the veranda, “catching a little sun and enjoying the day, so that the room is not always closed”, CR7 denied having “punctured” the Juventus protocol and guarantees that he did everything within the law. “I followed all the protocols and I have a clear conscience,” said the Portuguese star.

Before finishing the right, Ronaldo warned of the importance of good nutrition and the practice of sport for the strengthening of the immune system, and recalled: “Do not be afraid of the virus to the point of hiding. It is a serious thing but do not be afraid “.


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