Cristina Ferreira reveals secrets of the place where she lives There are about ten houses of my family – a Ferver


Cristina Ferreira he never showed his home and makes a point of keeping that part of his life as protected as possible.

However, this Saturday, on TVI’s ‘Viva Vida’ program, she revealed some details of the area where she lives, in Malveira.

After Ruben Rua said that Cristina’s house does not appear on the GPS, the star addressed the matter.

“I really miss my Malveira … And I love living in an area that doesn’t appear on the GPS. I live in a place that doesn’t exist, it’s called Casal Val Bois and it doesn’t appear on the GPS”.

Cristina also revealed that together there is her home, there are other families’ homes.

“There are only houses of my family, there are about ten houses together. That is a couple where there are only houses of my family, it is almost a condominium. We have already thought of a chain there, but it is impossible because the roads are public”, concluded.

During the conversation, Cristina also revealed that Ruben was recently having dinner at his house and both detailed the meeting.


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