Cristina Ferreira – The luxurious gift she offered to Helena Coelho’s first child


Cristina Ferreira e Helena Coelho have already created a relationship that goes beyond the professional sphere. The friendship between the two presenters of TVI has grown day by day and, this Saturday, October 17, the entertainment and fiction director of the channel surprised the digital influencer, who is pregnant for the first time, with a special gift for the baby .

Cristina Ferreira offered luxurious white Dolce & Gabanna shoes to the make-up artist’s son, 165 euros.

«The first shoes of my little one are a gift from Cristina Ferreira. Aren’t they wonderful? Literally the size of my finger », shared the VivaVida presenter with followers on social networks.

«Pant as soon as it stops serving in 2 weeks»

Helena Coelho’s fans were delighted with Cristina Ferreira’s gift. «Impossible to love», «Wonderful» and «So cute» are some of the messages left on Instagram.

There are also those who have expressed their opinion with a lot of sense of humor in the mix. «Cristina doesn’t know how to play Christmas. What a cute thing! Put on your pants as soon as you stop serving in 2 weeks »,« I’m looking for a Cristina like this for a sincere and lasting friendship »and« Sapatinho da Feira da Malveira. No offense ok? They are beautiful », it reads.

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Remember that this will be Helena Coelho’s first child with her boyfriend Paulo Teixeira. The young man is known for being a personal trainer for some famous people, namely Cláudio Ramos.

Text: Joana Dantas Rebelo, Photos: Social Networks and DR

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