Cristina reveals meeting with Ruben Rua: When you went to dinner at my house, did you not eat well? – boiling


During this Saturday’s ‘Viva Vida’ program on TVI, Cristina Ferreira talked about having “hand to the kitchen” when Ruben Rua he was not very believing in this statement.

“Do you have a hand in the kitchen? I never saw you do anything”, to which the presenter had a ready answer, revealing that Ruben was already having dinner at his home, in Malveira.

“Didn’t you eat well at the time you went to dinner?”, shot and invited Ruben to detail which banquet was served at the meal.

“I ate pasta with shrimp, meat roll in puff pastry and the dessert I don’t remember … Was it a mousse?”

Another conversation to reinforce the complicity that the two share and that has been notorious recently.

In the conversation, Cristina also revealed details of the place where she lives and said that next to her daughter there are “ten more family houses”.


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