Crushed after canceled love party


In an interview Tone Ingebrigtsen did with Dagbladet in connection with the book launch of the biography “Alltid mamma” recently, it is stated that the conflicts have certainly affected the Ingebrigtsen family over the years.

It also appears from the biography that Tone operates as a mediator when the quarrels and conflicts build up between father Gjert and the running children Henrik, Filip and Jakob. The book leaves no doubt that it has happened relatively often.

– I could not take it anymore

But there is clearly more love and respect in the book – and in Gjerts and Tone’s cohabitation – than quarrels.

– I sincerely hope so, laughs Tone Ingebrigtsen in a meeting with Dagbladet.

Tone Ingebrigtsen stayed with Gjert when the two were pure young. At the age of 16, she became pregnant. As 18-year-olds, the two married. Together they have had seven children.

After 32 years of living together, they decided last year to renew their marriage vows, hold a ceremony and party to celebrate themselves with family and friends.

In the hustle and bustle of everyday life, with follow-up of children, top sports efforts and demanding jobs, Tone feared that she and Gjert would slip away from each other.

PROUD: Tone and Gjert in their son Philip’s wedding in Mangen chapel in 2018. Youngest son William (7) in the background. When Tone and Gjert this year were to realize their recent dream of renewing the marriage vows they gave over 30 years ago, there were corona problems. Photo: NTB
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– Fine tinga

– You have – you say in the book – had to stop and think: “Who are we two – as lovers – up in everything”?

– Yes! We do not do it often, but it has to. That’s really what this marriage renewal is all about. The whole thing is really Gjert’s idea. I’m a little more like, ‘Eh, what do the kids say then?’ But the more we discuss it, we come to the conclusion that it is nice, says Ingebrigtsen – and elaborates:

– Gjert says: “We must be allowed to sit down and look at all the good things we have done together, and not take each other for granted.” Then it makes sense. At first I thought: Isn’t it just Jenny Jenssen who does it ?, she laughs.

With Jenny Jenssen, Ingebrigtsen refers to the dance band queen who has appeared a lot in the celebrity press.

– She was the only one I knew who had made such a marriage renewal. She probably got the ceremony covered by See & Hear as well. But when you mess around a bit in it and mention it to people, we find out that there are actually many more who are entering into a marriage renewal now, she tells Dagbladet.

OPENLY: Tone Ingebrigtsen eases the veil in her recent biography. Photo: Kristin Svorte
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Bought wedding rings

In the book, Ingebrigtsen explains more about the background for the desire to renew the marriage vows in good adulthood.

“We have never taken the time to dwell on our own joys or sorrows, have not given ourselves the opportunity to do anything on the fly. All the plans we have had in recent years have been laminated and almost impossible to deviate from, due to everything that happens in the athletics family we have received. But then the weird thing happened », writes Ingebrigtsen in the book.

Last year, the couple bought new wedding rings on impulse.

A large-scale celebration was planned. On Saturday 21 March this year, Tone and Gjert were to give their yes in the marriage renewal – marked with a big party in Sandnes.

The ceremony was to be in Lura Church. According to the plan, Tone and Gjert – according to the book – were to go down the aisle in the church together to “Brudeslått fra Seljord”. At the altar, the youngest son William, seven years old, was to give them the rings.

Then the party was to gather at Kronen Gaard, a hotel in Sandnes.

FOREVER AND ALWAYS: They are rocks in each other’s lives, Tone and Gjert Ingebrigtsen. Photo: NTB
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Tone began his speech to Gjert early.

– In the desire for marriage renewal was there also a fear that you would slip away from each other?

– Yes. There is also something. When you do top sports and Gjert travels more and more with the guys, that’s a bit of the reason why he wants me more in the team around them. I say, ‘Oh my God, I’m sitting here as a single mom. We begin to live each our lives. ” And we do not want that. In a way, we want to recover a little bit, right? Then this was a way to do it, she says to Dagbladet.

Gjert has around 200 travel days a year, the book states. The distance, both geographically and emotionally, became a little too clear for the two for a while.

Six hours of housework every day

Six hours of housework every day

In addition to the formal marriage renewal, they will also get closer to each other in daily and practical life.

– Now both can travel to training camp. Then we are happy to bring the youngest children as well. The plan is also that I will join all the Diamond League competitions, and some championships. Not least because when you have three children competing. Now they have started to run both 5000 and 1500 meters. It is not as easy for Gjert to be everywhere at once. That is also where I come into the picture, she says.

They – and we – will also see you more at conventions in the years to come?

– Yes, I think so. On what is possible to achieve.

MORE IN PLACE: Tone Ingebrigtsen says that she is now – and will be – more than ten present in the runners ‘sons’ top sports life on trips and competitions around the world. The plan is to relieve Gjert more. Photo: Kristin Svorte
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The recent biography tells of a meticulous, detailed planning of the marriage renewal.

But then came the corona. The party – like much else – had to be put on hold.

Ingebrigtsen expresses in the book that it was hard to postpone the marriage renewal and the party.

– We had been looking forward to that day, she tells Dagbladet.

Tone had to take the tedious job of notifying the many guests of the postponement – just a few weeks before the ceremony. She emphasizes that it was the only right decision, but in the book she admits that it was tough:

“I think this is incredibly sad (…) There are so many emotions that roll over in me, all the thoughts and memories that came to mind when I was wearing the wedding dress in the rehearsal room a few months ago. I know I have to get over it quickly (…) People are dying all over the globe. Then we can not whine that a party is postponed, that the wedding cake I had ordered with a white marzipan lid and chocolate cream inside, is not made yet. “

– Have you set a new date?

– No, we do not have it, because now we have just married off our fourth son Martin. Before that it was him and Tini (Askeland – Martin Ingebrigtsen’s wife editor’s note) its day to be prioritized. Someone in the family originally thought that we had pushed in our marriage renewal before their wedding. But now I feel it’s free, she smiles.

TAKEN BY CORONA: Tone and Gjert Ingebrigtsen’s marriage renewal and party in that connection were postponed due to the coronae pandemic. Everything was then clapped and ready for the party, it appears in Tone Ingebrigtsen’s recent biography. Photo: NTB
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– Safe, strong person

In the book, Tone Ingebrigtsen is open about money problems and heavy responsibility after they started a family before they came of age, as 16-17-18-year-olds.

They did not own the needle in the wall, it appears in the book.

– You write that the support from Gjert has been incredibly important?

– Yes, namely. He’s four and a half years older than me. This is something I thought was very good early on. To have a safe man there. But it has to do with his personality as well. That he is a confident, strong person with his own opinions. It is as I describe in the book: Not even the King had managed to change his mind. If he disagreed with Gjert, then, she laughs.

NEW BOOK: Tone Ingebrigtsen, known as the mother of three of Europe’s best athletes, opens up about what it is like to be a mother of seven children in her new book. Reporter / video: Bernt Jakob Oksnes / Kristin Svorte
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She illustrates more:

– If the rest of us go into the doctor’s office or the hospital and the doctor says something about an injury, then Gjert does not necessarily agree with the conclusion. And let it be known. “No! I do not believe that “and” Are you sure you did it right? ” can it come from him, she laughs.

– I, for my part, think that a doctor is the closest you get to an authority. Even the King had not dared to say a word if the doctor said anything about a state of health. Everyone is just people for Gjert. I really admire Gjert for that. That he is as he is. And it drips a little on me. I’ve gotten a little tougher seeing what he can say and do. Sometimes I think he can go a little over the line. But mostly he cleans up. Everyone wanted to be with Gjert in the war, she says.

And adds:

– Exactly that is what the children are a little spoiled with. I’m a little unsure if they fully understand what a big finger Gjert has in the game and their sports life. He has a finger in the pie, says Tone.

EVERYONE MUST INCLUDE: The Ingebrigtsen family hands out a prize during the Sports Gala 2019 in Stavanger. Photo: NTB
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Six hours of housework daily

But when truth be told, Tone Ingebrigtsen has a finger in the pie, she too.

In another, previously published interview with Dagbladet done in connection with the book launch, Tone Ingebrigtsen tells about the enormous amount of housework that she has put in at home through for the wheels of the traveling sports circus Ingebrigtsen and the family of seven children to turn around.

She estimates six hours of housework a day (!) In the book.

– And then I do not take much in, she says to Dagbladet.

But one place also crosses her line. A passage in the book says a lot about just that – but also about Gjert’s love for her:

“If you get old and sick and need help to shower and wash, then we have to get help,” I say – adding: “The spouse should not wash and care.”
“But I would have done it for you!” says Gjert.
“I would lift and carry you, help you with everything, as best I could.”
It touches me deeply that he says that. Although he is very worried, he is my big bauta in life. “


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