Cssio between the starters and a ‘different’ idea at Corinthians


Two situations make Corinthians fans curious to follow the duel with Flamengo this Sunday, at 4pm, at Neo Química Arena, for the 17th round of the Brazilian Championship.

The first, as it could not be otherwise, is whether Vagner Mancini will choose Cássio or Walter in the white goal. The second, perhaps less debated among Corinthians, is about Timão’s stance on the field.

Well, let’s go! In my view, Cássio is the best Corinthians player in 2020 and needs to be kept between the holders. Shirt number 12 made some mistakes in the season, it is true, but it also saved the team from many (!) Defeats and draws.

I respect Walter’s spectacular performance at Arena da Baixada, last Wednesday, but I don’t think Cássio is the main culprit for the team stage. Score.

And the identity of the group?

Yes, I would also like to take advantage of this space to enter the tactical issue of Corinthians.

Vagner Mancini arrived changing pieces and also the tactical design of the team in the victory over Athletico-PR. The traditional 4-2-3-1 gave way to a 4-1-4-1, which in some moments without the ball also became a 4-5-1.

So, I believe that, despite possible changes, the scheme will be maintained against Flamengo and we will see some more characteristics of Mancini, despite a short time in work.

Watching this Friday’s training video published by Corinthians TV, I noticed that the coach intends to put more Corinthians in the opponent’s area, something that had been happening very little in the club.

In the images below, for example, we noticed that the activity had an athlete advancing from the side and at least four attackers or socks arriving in the big area to receive the pass and finish.

Playback / Corinthians TV

Scheme 2

Playback / Corinthians TV

It may seem normal, but this situation has hardly happened in the last Corinthians games. When the team attacked from the sides of the field, usually with the boy Lucas Piton, only Jô positioned himself in the middle of the area to try the goal.

This made the team very predictable and also facilitated the marking of the rival defense.

Due to Flamengo’s style of play, I don’t know if we will see that this Sunday. However, we will certainly repair plays like these soon – it is worth remembering that Atlético-GO de Mancini had exactly such a characteristic on the attack field.

Anyway, it is good to see new ideas at CT Joaquim Grava and look forward to a good performance by Corinthians. The opponent is difficult, but facing Timão at the Neo Química Arena needs to be even more complicated.

I confess that I am excited and eager to follow this classic.

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