Cuca: ‘Torcedor do Santos is p … of life with the departure of Soteldo, but we had to sell someone.’


Coach Cuca was very sorry to lose striker Soteldo, with suitcases ready for Al-Hilal, from Saudi Arabia. With a proposal of 7 million dollars – about 40 million reais, at the current price – Santos accepted to negotiate the Venezuelan, who also reached an agreement with the Saudi club.

“He talked to me yesterday, that he had accepted. He made a proposal and people from Arabia accepted it. He said what I thought, I gave my opinion. I had to call the coach from Venezuela, to know if it would harm the call. the family … Without a family, I can’t take it in Arabia. He said it was a good proposal for him, a need that Santos also has, unfortunately “, he guaranteed.

I am very sad to lose Soteldo. I like him very much as a person and as a player he doesn’t even talk. But we have to understand. Our time is delicate, we need the financial condition to update our wages and pay debts abroad. Santos is a power, we are sad. Supporter gets p … from life with the departure of Soteldo. But we had to sell someone. Lucas VerĂ­ssimo in the nick of time did not give and now Soteldo. There is no use being angry with the president. Nobody is sadder than me, a very important part in our gear. But life that follows “, he concluded.

With Soteldo’s departure practically enshrined, the last step is the approval of the negotiation by Santos’ deliberative council. As Peixe is in the year of election, any hiring or sale of an athlete goes through the council beyond the sieve of the president.

In a delicate financial situation, Santos was unable to register new players for months before making an agreement with Hamburg, Germany, for the payment. After a few days of release, the Fish was again punished, once again unable to register reinforcements.

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