Curfew in French cities from Saturday


The case is being updated.

President Emmanuel Macron announced on live TV on Wednesday that a curfew will be imposed in the French capital between 21 and 6 from Saturday. It is valid for the next four weeks.

There will also be a curfew in the country’s second largest city, Marseille, and other major cities such as Lyon, Lille, Rouen and Toulouse. A total of nine cities with a total of 20 million inhabitants are covered.

At 21.00, all nightclubs must be closed, and people must stay in their homes. Public transport continues to run as normal, and a scheme will be established where those who need to travel due to work will receive proof of this.

People who break the curfew will be fined 135 euros.

– We have to act. We need to slow down the spread of the virus, Macron said.

Continued travel between the regions

It will still be allowed to travel domestically in France, unlike during the closure last year when travel was limited to a one kilometer radius around the home at worst.

Macron also promised help to theaters and cinemas affected by the curfew. In addition, the government will reintroduce a redundancy scheme for the sectors affected.

Macron asks people to ventilate their homes for ten minutes, three times a day and respect the rule that a maximum of six people can gather at the same time.

National crisis situation

The announcement of a national state of crisis came shortly before the president was to speak to the nation on television. In the TV speech, he announced new moves and restrictions.

The state of the crisis will make it possible to introduce new restrictions that are proportional to the threat posed by the coronavirus.

The new restrictions that will be announced will also take effect from Saturday, and were discussed in a government meeting on Wednesday. France, like many other countries in Europe, is in the middle of a major wave of infections, and registered 13,000 new cases of infection on Tuesday


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