Curitiba investigates possible cases of reinfection with the new coronavirus


At a time when several countries are experiencing a second wave of Covid-19, one of the main health concerns is the possibility of reinfection with the new coronavirus. And this Friday (October 16), in a live broadcast by the Curitiba City Hall, the Municipal Health Secretariat (SMS) confirmed that it is investigating cases of Curitiba patients who were infected by the disease and, after recovering, returned to presenting symptoms.

According to infectious disease doctor Marion Burger, some of the 44,000 people living in Curitiba who had a positive diagnosis for Covid-19 and recovered returned to show symptoms after a certain time. “We are investigating this suspicion of reinfection, if there is more than one strain of coronavirus circulating. Therefore, it is important that everyone continue with all the care”, reinforced Burger, highlighting the need for even those who have already been contaminated to continue respecting the health protocols .

Earlier, in an interview with CBN radio, the specialist commented that health authorities have been on the alert since August, when Hong Kong reported the first case of reinfection by the disease. Still according to her, cases like this are very rare and the patients are again infected or have symptoms of the disease with an interval of just over two months from the first infection.

Updated bulletin

The Municipal Health Secretariat (SMS) of Curitiba confirmed this Friday (October 16) another 274 cases of infection with the new coronavirus and another four deaths involving residents of the capital of ParanĂ¡. With that, the municipality already totals 48,486 people diagnosed with Covid-19, of which 1,401 died.

The four most recent deaths, informed infectious-medical Marion Burger, killed three men and one woman, aged between 64 and 88 years.

Curitiba City Hall suspends home office for servers

Next Monday (19), the municipal employees of Curitiba who are working at scale due to the pandemic due to the new coronavirus and those who are exercising their activities remotely, from home, will start to perform their activities in person, in the work units. .

The revocation of the joint ordinances of each secretariat, with dates of March 2020, was published in the Official Gazette this Friday (10/16). Altogether there are 14 ordinances.


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