Curitiba monitors possible cases of reinfection by coronavirus / covid-19


Isolated cases of coronavirus reinfection (covid-19) that have been registered in several countries around the world, are also investigated in Curitiba. This occurs when a patient becomes cured of the disease but it starts to show symptoms again, after a certain period.

On Friday (16), the Municipal Health Secretariat confirmed that it is investigating cases of patients from Curitiba who have returned to covid-19 symptoms, even after being cured. The information was transmitted during the live about the cases that the city performs daily on the internet.

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After mentioning the number of 44,000 people living in Curitiba who are recovered from the disease, the infectious disease physician of the city, Marion burger, said that some had symptoms again. The doctor said that there is still no scientific proof of how long the immunity of the coronavirus lasts and asked that all people maintain health care, even those who have already had the disease.

“It is important for everyone to maintain care. We investigated some patients who had symptoms again. We do not know if it is a reinfection or if there is another strain of the virus circulating among us. It is important that everyone, both those who have already had the infection and those who have not yet been infected, continue with all the care ”, said Marion Burger.

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The alert about the chance of reinfection has been monitored since the beginning of the second half, when Hong Kong, in China, released the first case of reinfection of the disease.


In the same live on Friday, Curitiba confirmed four more new deaths by covid-19. The health bulletin also showed that the Sars-Cov-2 virus infected another 274 residents in the capital. With the new records, the city accounts for 48,486 confirmed cases and 1,401 deaths of people who live in the city and who tested positive for new coronavirus infection, since March. But 44,110 patients, who represent about 90.97% of those infected, are already recovered.


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