Curitiba Municipal Guard dies from complications caused by the new coronavirus | Parana


Curitiba Municipal Guard Sérgio Ferreira, 42, died of complications from the new coronavirus.

Ferreira was hospitalized for nine days at Hospital Santa Cruz, but he could not resist the disease and died on Saturday (17).


According to the Union of Municipal Guards of Curitiba (Sigmuc), a tribute to the guard is being held at the Municipal Cemetery on Sunday afternoon (18).

According to the union, after that the body will be sent to the burial in the Mariental district, in Lapa, in the Metropolitan Region of Curitiba.

The vehicles will accompany the procession until the departure of Araucária, also in the Region of Curitiba.

Through a note on social networks, Sigmuc lamented the death of the server.

“The Azul Marinho Family is in mourning – GM Sérgio Ferreira died as a result of Covid-19. We at Sigmuc are sorry. Our most sincere condolences for the irreparable loss of our dear friend”, said the note.

  • Commander emeritus of the Curitiba Municipal Guard dies of Covid-19 at 60

Paraná reached 196,673 confirmed cases of the new coronavirus on Saturday (17), according to the bulletin of the State Department of Health (Sesa). The state reports 4,873 deaths from Covid-19.

Since the start of the pandemic, 150,915 people have recovered from Covid-19, which represents a 77% recovery rate.

According to the secretariat’s report, of the 399 municipalities in Paraná, only Laranjal has no confirmed case of the disease.

In 313 cities in Paraná, there are records of deaths by Covid-19.

In Curitiba, according to Sesa, there are 40,023 diagnoses and 1,372 deaths from the disease.


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