Customers complain that Nubank and Mercado Pago registered Pix without authorization – 10/15/2020


Customers of financial institutions used social networks to complain that Nubank and Mercado Pago would have registered the Pix key automatically, without the user’s prior authorization. The registration for use of Pix, a new instant payment system, started on the last 5th and is optional. Pix was created by the Central Bank, is free for individuals and is an option to DOC and TED.

Mercado Pago stated that “does not register a key Pix without user consent. The company reinforces that there is no effective registration without the client giving consent by approving the registration of his key in the Mercado Pago application “.

The original answer did not clarify why customers then complained. THE Twitter sent a new question about it, and Mercado Pago said it was “one-off” complaints: “The complaints are very specific and the registration may have taken place without the user paying attention to its conclusion. The process is very new and we are passing on all the information necessary to support everyone “, he informed in a note.

In a note, Nubank said that “all keys have been registered with the proper authorization from customers”. “We carefully prepared a practical and simple communication flow and, on 10/05, we sent a request for consent via the application to all customers who had pre-registered”, says the note.

Nor does Nubank clarify what motivated the complaints. THE Twitter he again questioned fintech, but did not receive a reply until the publication of this text.

The BC stated, in a note, that “continuously monitors and supervises the Pix key registration process” and that “if it detects irregularities in these processes, including any improper registration, the Central Bank will punish violators under the terms of the current regulation”.

See below some complaints made by customers.


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