D-day of polio vaccination is this Saturday; see locations


Next Saturday (17th) is the day of mobilization (day D) of the National Vaccination Campaign against Polio and Multivaccination. Immunization continues until October 30 and is aimed at children aged 1 to 4 years, who must receive the extra dose of the oral polio vaccine (droplet) and children and adolescents under 15 years of age to updating the vaccination booklet, administering the vaccines that are late, reducing the rates of abandonment of the vaccination scheme.

According to the SMS immunization manager, Eunice Amorim, the campaign aims to vaccinate 95% of children aged 1 to 4 years against polio, in addition to updating the vaccination status of users up to 15 years old. “In addition to this mobilization on Saturday in order to reinforce this immunization, all vaccines in the Basic Calendar for children and adolescents remain available in health units, except BCG, which continue to be available in units referenced with pre-established days”, he highlights.

During D-day, adults aged 20 to 49 years who have not yet been vaccinated with the extra dose of the Triple Viral vaccine (measles, mumps and rubella) will also be rescued, as recommended by the Ministry of Health for the 4th stage of the National Vaccination Campaign against Measles, which has been occurring since August 3 and will extend until October 31, 2020.

In case of respiratory symptoms or fever, people should not seek vaccination, having to respect the 14-day isolation period and, after that, have been at least three days without symptoms to be vaccinated.

On Saturday, the health units listed below will operate, selected according to geographic location and demand for care.

1st Health District

UBS Dr. Osvaldo Brandão Vilela (Ponta da Terra)

URS Dr. Diógenes de Jucá Bernardes – II Health Center (Poço)

2nd Sanitary District

UBS Pam Dique Estrada (Ponta Grossa)

URS Roland Simon (Vergel do Lago

USF Prof. Durval Cortez (Prado)

3rd Sanitary District

URS Pitanguinha

4th Health District

UBS Dr. Antônio de Pádua (Jardim Petrópolis)

5th Sanitary District

URS João Paulo II (Jacintinho)

USF José Araújo Silva (Jacintinho)

UBS José Tenório (Sawmill)

6th Sanitary District

URS Hamilton Falcão (Benedito Bentes I)

USF Frei Damião (Benedito Bentes I)

UBS Arthur Ramos (Antares)

7th Health District

US José Pimentel Amorim (Tabuleiro dos Martins Conj. Salvador Lyra)

UBS DR.Djalma Loureiro (Good weather)

US DR. João Macário (Santos Dumont)

URS IB Gatto Falcão (Tabuleiro dos Martins)

8th Sanitary District

URS Maria Conceição Fonseca Paranhos (Riacho Doce)


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