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The ‘D day’ of immunization against measles and polio takes place this Saturday (17th) in Fortaleza. The action, promoted by the Municipal Health Secretariat (SMS), takes place at 114 health posts in the capital and at another 30 strategic points set up in schools, churches, associations and supermarkets (see full list below). Vaccination will be from 8 am to 4:30 pm.

  • See who should be vaccinated against measles

The goal is to reach people between 20 and 49 years old who have not taken both doses of the measles vaccine or who have an incomplete vaccination schedule. This year, the campaign was extended until October 31, by decision of the Ministry of Health, with the intention of interrupting the chain of transmission of the virus in the country, where about 21 states presented cases.

The goal of SMS is also to immunize approximately 135 thousand children against polio, aged 1 year to 4 years and 11 months.

Disease scenario in Ceará

Seven measles cases were registered in Ceará territory until the end of the last month of September, one case in February and six in March. According to the Ceará Department of Health (Sesa), all were “imported from other states”. Despite the 53.3% reduction in the number of positive diagnoses compared to the same period in 2019, when 15 infections were diagnosed, the disease continues to require attention due to the high rate of transmissibility.

From March until the beginning of October, Ceará has already applied more than 186 thousand doses of the vaccine to the target audience.

Transmission can occur by air, when coughing, sneezing, talking or breathing nearby, and one person can transmit to others 18.

As for polio, although Brazil has not registered cases of the disease since 1989, this is not the reality in other countries. Therefore, the SMS immunization coordinator, Vanessa Soldateli, warns of the importance of continuing prevention.

“Polio is a very serious disease. As long as we have the circulation of the virus, we must continue vaccinating our children ”, he emphasizes. The disease is acute infectious contagious, caused by poliovirus, and has extremely variable severity. Known as “infantile paralysis”, it affects children most of the time.

The municipal network in Fortaleza also offers 14 vaccines for children: BCG, hepatitis B, rotavirus, pentavalent, inactivated polio, pneumococcal 10 brave, meningitis C, viral triple, hepatitis A, tetravalent, oral polio, triple bacterial – DTP and yellow fever . There are also five for teenagers, which are: HPV, meningitis C, viral triple, hepatitis B and double bacterial – diphtheria and tetanus.

Vaccination Campaign ‘D-Day’

  • When: this Saturday (17)
  • Hours: 8am to 4:30 pm
  • Where: 114 health posts in Fortaleza and 30 other strategic points

See the list of 30 strategic points for vaccination this Saturday:

  1. Dom Helder School: Rua Frei Odilon, 623 B – Floresta
  2. Dona Tereza Porch: Rua Grito De Alerta, 241 – Barra do Ceará
  3. Sis Glória Community: Rua E, 255 – Vila Velha II
  4. Padaria do Louro: Rua N, 264, corner of Rua H – Vila Velha
  5. Assembly of God Church: Tv. Pompeia, S / N – Barra Do Ceará
  6. Baptist Church: 329 Chastinet Guimaraes Street – Vila Ellery
  7. Mother Queen Church: Rua Aristides Barreto, 200 – São Gerardo
  1. Escola Frei Agostinho: Av. César Cals, 2370 – Praia do Futuro
  1. Mini Tour: Rua Ilha Do Bote, 372 – Quintino Cunha
  2. NS Perpétuo Socorro Church: 95 Moisés Street
  3. NS Aparecida Chapel: Rua Cláudio Guimarães
  4. See Regional 3: Av. Jovita Feitosa, 1264
  1. Annex Colégio Teixeira Holanda: Rua Anita Garibaldi, 64 – Serrinha
  1. Yes to Life Project Mini-Post: Rua Regivaldo França
  2. Professor Edilson Brasil Soares School: Rua São Bento, Conjunto Tatumundé
  3. Academia Mini Pitch: Rua Coronel Fabriciano, 1792 – Granja Portugal
  4. Cras do Bom Jardim: Rua Cel. João Correia, 2023 – Bom Jardim
  5. Casa Acs Joana: Rua Cel. Virgílio Nogueira, 1610 – Bom Jardim
  6. Mini Station 01- Cidade Jardim 1: Avenida Sapucaia Condominium 4, Block 12, Party Room
  7. Mini Posto 02 – Cidade Jardim: Rua 15, Quadra 7, Ballroom
  8. Mini Posto 01- Community House: Rua Direita, 657 – Cidade Nova
  1. Odilon Braveza Day Care – Bela Vista: Rua Neo Miranda, S / N
  2. Mini-station: Rua 1 ° de Abril, 500
  3. Residencial Yolanda Queiroz
  4. Semear Church: 480 Egidio De Oliveira Street
  5. Community Association: Rua Lucas Fco Antonio, S / N
  6. Bernadete Oriá School: Rua Conde Sandoval, 796
  7. Divine Mother Sanctuary: Rua Wanda Sidou, S / N
  8. Assembly of God: Av. Capitão Hugo Bezerra, 1955
  9. São Sebastião Church: Rua Quitéria Girão, S / N

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