Danger warning for large parts of southern Norway


On Sunday, several parts of northern and central Norway woke up to snow.

In Røros it started to snow already on Saturday night, and on Sunday afternoon it was still white in several places.

On Monday and Tuesday, the first snowfall of the season will also occur in several places in southern Norway, and on that occasion, the Norwegian Meteorological Institute has issued several danger warnings.

Winter tire alarm in the mountains

Large local differences

– Monday and Tuesday there will be a low pressure over Rogaland, southern Norway and Østafjells. Near the coast it will probably come as rain, but you do not have to go that far before it turns white, says on-duty meteorologist Espen Biseth Granan to Dagbladet.

In Sørlandet it is expected that the snow line will be from 300-500 meters, while in Østlandet it will be from 200-400 meters.

– The precipitation reaches the Oslofjord area night to Tuesday and Tuesday morning. In Oslo it will probably come as rain, but I do not think you will go far in before there is sleet and snow, Granan says.

At Romerike up towards Gardermoen and further towards Lillehammer and Hamar, it will probably be white, Granan explains and adds that there will probably be big differences despite the small geographical distance.

Difficult driving conditions

The precipitation is expected to move north and northeast during Tuesday.

According to the meteorologist, it will then cover more or less the entire area south of Stadt and Dovre.

So far, no danger warning has been sent out for Vestland county. In Bergen it will come as rain, but the meteorologist will not rule out that there may also be some snow in the inner and higher areas of Vestland county.

The temperature will rise gradually on Tuesday, but it is uncertain exactly where and how much this will affect different places. In the far south of the country and along the coast, the temperature will probably contribute to rain, Granan states.

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Due to large local differences, the meteorologist’s encouragement is to read the danger warning where to travel, but still comes with a clear warning:

– The danger of slippery roads is definitely present. Driving conditions can be difficult, so use the right tires.

In addition, he advises to calculate extra time and that you drive according to the conditions.

Several accidents

On Sunday, there have been several accidents related to slippery roads in Møre og Romsdal. The police have also been notified of several downhill runs.

OPPDAL: There has been snow in Oppdal the last 24 hours, and the road is described as slippery. Photo: The Norwegian Public Roads Administration / Webcam
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Based on the incidents in Møre og Romsdal, the police issued the following request:

– Now people have to think about before they get in the car and drive. The snow begins to creep down. I saw for myself when I went to work, that in some places there was some snow in the roadway, said operations manager Fylling to Dagbladet.

– Now it is definitely time to park the summer tires, and put on winter tires.

Nature vandalism: - Hikers can feel unsafe

Nature vandalism: – Hikers can feel unsafe

Also in Trøndelag, the police report slippery roads on Sunday.

In the course of an hour on Sunday afternoon, at least five cars drove off the road in Oppdal. The police in Trøndelag write on Twitter that it is slippery and so-called winter tire driving.

– We are notified that some drivers have not changed to winter tires. Look at the weather forecast and consider whether you should change to winter tires now, the police warned on Twitter on Sunday morning.


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