Danielle Winits sprains her ankle and is sidelined


Presenter Faustão announced today that Danielle Winits will be out of the next episodes of “Dance of the Famous” after spraining her ankles during this week’s rehearsals:

“Today we will not have Dani Winits. She had a problem during training, the rehearsal, sprained her ankle. And she is one of the most prepared! Dani takes it very seriously. She will be evaluated during the week, depending on the case, she can return to Rock or recap “, explained Faustão.

In this week’s episode, the participants will present the third rhythm of the competition: funk.

Dani Winits and professor Fernando Schellenberg were getting ready to dance to the song “Chama Ela”, by Lexa and Pedro Sampaio.

She underwent an MRI and a consultation with the orthopedist, who recommended that she rest.


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