Datena returns to Band and says that diabetes caused a heart attack: Worst pain – Television


Six days after suffering a heart attack, José Luiz Datena returned to Urgent Brazil this Friday (30). During the “window chat” with Cátia Fonseca, the presenter thanked the audience for the messages of support and affection, attributed the cardiac arrest to poorly controlled diabetes and joked that it will only get better when you fight with someone.

“I gained another chance to live a little longer”, celebrated Datena at the beginning of Urgent Brazil. “This morning I was in the hospital. It will take me a while to pick up the pitch here. I’ll only be fine when I fight with someone (laughs),” said the journalist.

Cátia Fonseca admitted concern for her friend: “Take care, because you almost scared me to death. Sunday morning, at lunchtime, I almost had a heart attack together!”.

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Datena replied that care is taken, but it is difficult to control diabetes since the removal of a tumor in the pancreas, an organ that produces insulin, a hormone that helps regulate blood sugar levels.

“I have a balanced diet, but I had pancreatic surgery a long time ago, because my blood glucose is very difficult to control, and that is what I wanted to draw people’s attention to. Diabetes is a silent disease, it kills you without you noticing I had a tumor in the pancreas and I had to operate. This part of the pancreas produced insulin cells, and I no longer have it. Even if I live a ruled life, now I’m going to do a little more exercise. It’s very difficult, very complicated. : don’t underestimate, because it’s terrible “, he begged.

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The presenter said that diabetes caused the stents to clog and he implanted in the arteries to allow blood circulation. He recognizes that the pain of a heart attack is the worst he has ever felt in his life.

“I put five stents in three arteries, nine months ago. They were all clogged, four almost total. One more or less. If you don’t take care of diabetes, it clogs, it’s impressive. In the last month, I was even a little bit more irritated, but it’s because my blood didn’t flow right into my heart. I didn’t feel anything at all, it’s a silent disease. Now, I don’t want the pain of a heart attack. I don’t even wish for a list that I can make here, because it is the worst pain I have ever felt in my life, it was terrible. You ask anyway to pass the pain “, he revealed.

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Datena also made an appeal for viewers to take care of their health: “Be sure to go to the hospital to have regular exams for the coronavirus. You who have a serious problem like me, you have to go to the hospital. coronavirus, because if you don’t do it don’t die of coronavirus, but die of something else “.


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