‘Dead’ man placed in freezer by Indian family wakes up 20 hours later


A 74-year-old man was rescued from a freezer in India. According to the local press, the Balasubramanian Kumar family had believed that the man was dead and, therefore, ordered a freezer to perform the extreme anointing of the body.

Still according to the family, Kumar was bedridden and very ill and seemed to have stopped moving on Monday afternoon (12). However, when the freezer company employee came to pick him up the next day, he noticed that the “body” was showing signs of movement. The elderly man had been in the freezer for almost 20 hours.

“His soul has not yet left him,” Kumar’s brother would have justified when the official realized that the elderly man was shaking hands. According to the Independent newspaper, the Sooramangalam police were called and an investigation into the case was opened against family members, who declared Kumar dead without a proper medical examination.

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