Decapitation of teacher in France leaves community in shock


“IT’S horrible “,” it’s crazy “,” I’m confused “and” we’re afraid “were some of the reactions of residents, parents and guardians of the students of this school, after the murder of a history teacher, reports France-Hurry (AFP).

The suspect beheaded the victim and reportedly shouted ‘Allah’Akbar“when he was shot by the police. The alleged perpetrator of the attack ended up dying.

Although the motivations for this murder are not yet known, the authorities are considering the possibility of a religious-motivated terrorist attack, because of the words the suspect shouted and because, in the meantime, the victim was known to have displayed cartoons of Muhammad during a class on freedom of expression.

“Nothing happens here,” he said, surprised, Mohand Amara, a 45-year-old resident.

French President Emmanuel Macron has already reacted to the attack, calling it a “characteristic terrorist attack” islâmico“.

However, Macron said that “obscurantism will not win”.

“One of our countrymen was killed today because he taught (…) the freedom to believe and not believe,” added Macron, this time quoted by the Associated Press (AP).

According to a source investigating this homicide, the police are also interested in a photograph on the social network Twitter, through a user who, meanwhile, closed the account, of the victim’s beheaded head.

The authorities are trying to understand whether this photograph was published by the alleged perpetrator of the murder or by someone else.

A AFP he realizes that the photograph accompanied a message addressed to the French President, Emmanuel Macron, nicknamed “the leader of the infidels”.

“I executed one of the infernal dogs that dared to belittle Muhammad [o profeta Maomé]”, would explain this message.

The homicide took place at about 5 pm local time (4 pm in Lisbon).

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