Deco asks Keyla if they can go back to dating | come around


The chat takes place in front of the Tonic. Key picks up the little one and runs into Deco. The boy asks if the girl got right with Lica, since the two were going to have a chat about everything that happened between them.

“Are you all right?” Asks Deco.

“Okay,” says Keyla, looking away.

Keyla (Gabriela Medvedovski) has to decide whether to return with Deco (Pablo Morais) in ‘Malhação – Viva a Diferença’ – Photo: Globo

After hearing this, the boy approaches her and asks:

“So, can we go back?” He asks anxiously.

Will it be the couple’s turn #Keyco?

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K1 asks Keyla to leave her alone. Lica asks Jota about Tina. Keyla alerts K2 about the status of K1. Dogão and K1 argue in the library. MB, Samantha and Felipe demand an attitude from Lica in relation to the school handouts. Josefina is impressed with Dogão’s work in the library. Dogão reports his childhood to Doris, and K1 listens. K1 deceives K2 about the reason for his sadness. Guto reveals to Samantha that, like Benê, he bothers about physical contact. Keyla says she doesn’t want to date Deco anymore. Tina scolds Lica for her meeting with Deco. K1 asks to sleep at Keyla’s house.

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