– Decriminalization is a very bad idea


– The drug reform the government is advocating for is a long way from what the Progress Party believes. We are concerned that drug trafficking will continue to be illegal.

This is what FRP leader Siv Jensen told Dagbladet at FRP’s national meeting today.

When asked if it means that you will be punished if you are taken with one user dose, Jensen answers “yes”, but emphasizes.

– We are also concerned that people with substance abuse problems should receive real health care. But when it is illegal, it must be made clear. There are far too many young people running around believing that it will now be free and that drugs are not dangerous. Decriminalization is a very bad idea, she says.

– Is the drug reform also a very bad idea then?

– Yes, we mean it, says Jensen.

Defender «Trump grip»

Excited about the debate

It is in a resolution that health policy spokesperson in Frp Åshild Bruun-Gundersen, according to NRK, has got the parliamentary group of Frp to agree, that the Drug Reform Committee’s proposal for a drug reform will be reviewed.

She tells Dagbladet that she is excited about whether there will be a debate about the proposal at the national meeting, or whether it will go through unanimously.

That it is adopted, however, there is little doubt.

However, the FRP states that they support the drug reform’s intention that heavy drug addicts should receive health care and not fines or imprisonment. Nevertheless, it is clear that there must still be punishment.

– Scary

The drug reform has been one of the Liberal Party’s heart issues, and Liberal politician Sondre Hansmark does not like what he hears.

– There are many indications that no one in Frp has read the Drug Reform Committee’s good report. There are over 400 pages that clearly show that punishment does not work. It does not give fewer users and it does not help the drug addicts, he says.

The Liberal politician says he is happy that the FRP does not want to punish heavy drug addicts.

– But why the police should use their resources to chase those who wear user doses, is for me incomprehensible. It is scary that more and more of the parties seem to be skeptical of the treatment route, he says.

– Do you fear that there will be no drug reform?

– Yes, I do that all the time Frp seems to go out against it; Sp does the same, and Labor is not possible to get a clear answer from. We need a majority for this in the Storting, he says and emphasizes:

– What Frp says is also wrong. Drugs must continue to be illegal. The question is how do we meet it, is it by throwing people in solitary confinement or by meeting them with treatment.

- Vedum is fooling voters

– Vedum is fooling voters

Towards core issues

It is not the only one of the Liberal Party’s core issues that the FRP’s national meeting will now probably go against. The Sylvi Listhaug-led editorial committee is also in favor of a resolution in which the FRP states that those who want it. will still be allowed to buy petrol petrol and diesel cars after 2025.

– FRP has said that they stand behind the goal that it will only sell zero-emission cars in 2025. We agreed on that in the Storting, Sondre Hansmark reminds.

Promises tough negotiations

KrF’s core issues are not free either. One of the FRP’s main demands in the budget negotiations with the government is to reduce aid, which is now 1 per cent of the state budget. The national meeting will also gather around this today.

In his speech today, Siv Jensen promised the Prime Minister tough negotiations on the state budget this autumn.

– I have repeatedly reminded the Prime Minister that she is leading a minority government. When Frp was in government and KrF and Venstre outside, they pushed through a number of issues if Frp was against. Now it’s us who stand outside. They must meet us, Jensen said.


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