Deer attacks singer who was doing photo shoot in park


Uma singer britรขnica The 28-year-old was left with some bruises after trying to take a photo shoot at Richmond Park in Richmond upon Thames, UK.

Gemma Louisianna described the incident as “terrifying” and said he had back pain and bruises, The Sun reported.

“A deer started approaching and was taking food from one of my bags, which I thought was funny, at first. I later thought about picking up the other bag, but the deer started to get closer and it didn’t seem aggressive. I didn’t run away or interact with him because I didn’t want to scare him “, he said, to the same publication.

The image above shows the moment of the attack, when a deer kicks it from behind. The photograph was first shared by the Royal Parks Police on Twitter, with the following caption: “This photograph, taken on 11 October in Richmond Park, shows why it is necessary to keep a distancencia 50 meters. They are wild animals and can hurt “. They ended with the hashtag “We are not Bambi”.

The publication has since been eliminated.

Gemma is a Wimbledon singer and says she was “posing for a photo shoot promotional“. Some media wrote that the woman would have tried to get closer to take a selfie, something it absolutely denies.

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