Delivery improvements! Magazine Luiza buys logistics company GFL and software SincLog


And Magazine Luiza went shopping again. The e-commerce company, after buying Canaltech, announced that it is integrating its GFL and SincLog into its companies umbrella.

SincLog is a management tool for logistics companies that allows cargo management, issuing of tax documents, control of freight tables, remuneration and other useful solutions for this freight market. The platform is used by more than 30 carriers, including the GFL.

The GFL, in turn, is one of the main logistics platforms in the country, operating mainly in the interior of São Paulo and south of Minas Gerais.

Magalu reinforces that the purchase of companies reinforces an area in which it is strong: that of deliveries, with products arriving faster and faster at consumers’ homes.

Among GFL’s main services are services such as same-day delivery, when the consumer purchases a product up to a time limit; delivery within 48 hours; and also reverse logistics, when the buyer wants to return a purchase to the store.

Remember, in early September Magalu also bought the AiQFome app, to enter the food delivery market.

The company could also be interested in buying the post office if the state-owned company went through a privatization, even though it has not yet formally shown interest.

And you, what do you think of Magazine Luiza’s last purchases? Tell us in the comments!


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